Motorcycle Training Industry adjusts to the new reality of DVSA compliance checks

CBT was introduced in December 1990, and at the time the DSA was tasked with oversight and regulation. Since that date there have been some legislative changes, such as a mandatory 2-hour road ride introduced in January 1997.

Unfortunately, a lack of resources or will has allowed much bad practice within the motorcycle industry to creep in over the years. The merger of the DSA with VOSA has brought a completely different attitude, and compliance is now high on the agenda.

The DVSA initial finding have been shocking with 10% of motorcycle training schools being non-compliant to the extent that they have been shut down.

Choosing a good training school is important, but now at least you can be sure that the DVSA are taking compliance and standards seriously.

You can read more here: https://despatch.blog.gov.uk/2020/01/29/cracking-down-on-non-compliant-motorcycle-trainers/