Explanation of what happens if the weather is bad

Trainers must make sure that when training takes place that it is safe for their students and instructors. This means from time to time they may have to cancel courses if the weather makes riding a motorcycle unsafe; particularly for those people who are still novices. They do make every effort to avoid this, but there is no way of mitigating for conditions such as ice, snow, thick fog, flooding or high winds.


1/. How will I know if you are going to cancel a course?

Your training school will generally call, text or email at the earliest opportunity to let you know.

2/. What happens if the weather is only bad for the morning, like fog for example?

If the weather situation looks as though it may be temporary, then you may be advised to come in so that you can cover any theory training (like test questions etc.) and get started in the training area.

3/. What happens if my course is cancelled?

If you have a motorcycle test, then the DVSA will also rebook it free of charge. However, this only happens if the test itself is affected on the day of bad weather and not your training. If your course is cancelled your trainer will look to book you a new date.

4/. What is the worst-case scenario?

The worst that can happen is that you lose your day of training, but your test still goes ahead because one day later the weather is fine. This is a very unlikely scenario and one that most trainers will have some sort of contingency for.

5/. Can I call to find out what is happening?

Of course. But please bear in mind that busy training schools will have a number of students to contact so it may be while before you get an answer. 

The following is a link to the DVSA's website explaining about tests cancelled due to bad weather - https://www.gov.uk/motorcycle-practical-test/cancelled-or-stopped-tests-...